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Canmore is an ideal year-round destination for an adventure-filled vacation. With our dramatic landscapes, activity-filled mountain town and comfortable accommodations, it’s no wonder that we’ve grown as many visitors’ favourite destination in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. But as a destination that varies wildly from season to season, it can be difficult to decide when to visit Canmore.

So if you need help deciding when to visit Canmore, you’ve come to the right place! To help you plan your Canmore vacation, we’ve put together this guide comparing Canmore in summer versus Canmore in winter. Keep reading for Spring Creek Vacations’ guide to deciding when to visit Canmore.

Canmore In Summer VS Canmore In Winter: Canmore’s Weather Year-Round

Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canmore’s weather changes drastically from summer to winter. From beautiful temperate summers to snowy winter wonderlands, our weather means that Canmore can offer visitors a wide variety of different things to do. But what is the weather like for Canmore in summer versus Canmore in winter?

Canmore In Summer: Canmore Weather In Summer

In Canmore, the “warm” season is generally from early June to mid-September. Canmore’s hottest month on average in the summer is July, with an average high of 22℃ and an average low of 8℃. But, Canmore can get warmer than 22℃ during the summer months, and can even reach the 30s during peak summer temperatures. Although it is rare for Canmore’s temperatures to reach higher than 28℃, our summer weather is warm and perfect for those who want a bit of heat without it becoming too hot. 

The Canmore Engine Bridge over the bright blue Bow River on a sunny day with the mountains and forests in the background, a pleasant day of Canmore in Summer.

Along with our milder summer temperatures, Canmore can also be quite rainy. June is our rainiest month of the year, with an average precipitation of 129mm. While rain isn’t always everyone’s favourite weather in summer, it can lead to beautiful backdrops of dramatic clouds over our mountains and keeps our forests and landscapes vibrantly coloured. But, if rain is not your thing, the best months to visit Canmore for outdoor summer activities are from mid-July to mid-August. These are also some of the busiest months of the year to visit the Canadian Rockies and Canmore, but they are on average warmer and have less rain than other months of the year.

A wintery view of the Bow River by the Canmore Engine Bridge, with the snowy mountains and forests in the background, and fresh snow on the ground.

Canmore In Winter: Canmore Weather In Winter

Canmore’s “cold” season lasts from mid-November to late February. As a mountain town, Canmore can become very cold and snowy during the winter. With average highs of -4℃ and loves of -12℃, Canmore’s coldest month on average is December. Canmore can of course become colder than this, but Canmore is rarely lower than -26℃. Preparing for the cold weather for a winter vacation in Canmore is a must. 

Along with the cold, Canmore does receive a fair amount of snow in the winter months. While our “drier” months for general precipitation are over the winter from September to May, Canmore receives an average annual snowfall of 244cm. While December is generally our coldest month, November is often our snowiest month with an average snowfall of 98mm. Our colder, snowier weather allows for plenty of wintery outdoor activities during the winter season in Canmore. If you’re looking for a true winter adventure, November and December are ideal for snowy weather (and right around the holiday season).

Canmore In Summer VS Canmore In Winter: Things To Do In Canmore

Canmore’s seasonality from summer to winter means there’s a wide variety of things to do in Canmore depending on when you visit. Depending on the types of activities you’re interested in trying during your Canmore vacation, it may help you decide what season you’d like to visit Canmore in. Here’s a quick comparison of the different things to do in Canmore in summer versus Canmore in winter, plus some bonus year-round activities.

Things To Do In Canmore In Summer

A family of three riding bikes along path on a sunny summer day in Spring Creek, Canmore, an excellent family activity for things to do in Canmore on your vacation with Spring Creek Vacations.
A mother and father hold their two children while sledding through the snow in Canmore Alberta, dressed warmly for the cold snowy weather, with bright, sunlight trees in the background.

Things To Do In Canmore In Winter

BONUS: Things To Do In Canmore Year-Round

While Canmore has many seasonal activities well worth trying, there are many other activities you can enjoy year-round in Canmore, such as:

Canmore In Summer VS Canmore In Winter: When Should You Visit Canmore?

Canmore offers the ideal balance of outdoor adventure and fun indoor activities that make every season a unique experience. Our varied seasonal weather allows visitors to enjoy classic winter activities like skiing or tobogganing, while also being able to enjoy summer activities like hiking and rafting. We at Spring Creek Vacations love that Canmore has such a variety of things to do year-round and that Canmore can appeal to so many different people. 

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to decide when to visit Canmore is also the cost and our peak season. Often, the busiest month for Canmore tourism is July and the summer months. The summer is also often a bit more expensive than visiting in the winter months or shoulder seasons. But, if you’re craving a summer adventure and like the energy of more people, the summer months can still be a great time to visit (just often busier than winter). But if you’re wanting to explore the town at your own pace, winter is also an excellent time to explore Canmore and the area with fewer crowds.

If you’re looking for warmer weather and hiking along gorgeous trails, then Canmore in summer is the season for you. If you’re wanting to go cross-country skiing or skating on your vacation, then Canmore in winter is the season for you. No matter the season, Canmore is a wonderful destination for families, friends and couples looking for a taste of adventure. 

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