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Sustainability in Spring Creek

Spring Creek Cares

Here in Spring Creek, surrounded by the breathtaking views that we get to call our backyard, we realize that we can’t take this land for granted. With over 50 BUILT GREEN® certifications for development projects under its belt, Spring Creek is no stranger to the importance of sustainable building practices.

Creating a greener, healthier community has been a steadfast motivation for Frank since the early days of breaking ground at Spring Creek.

The Built Green certified Spring Creek community in Canmore, with the sun setting over the Canadian Rocky mountains and sustainably built buildings sprawling in the background, with a bridge arching over a creek.

“We were one of the first to adopt geothermal technologies in Alberta to meet our goal: to create a truly sustainable mountain community, this is a nod to my parents and grandparents and to Canmore—a legacy for the town in which I grew up.”

-Frank Kernick, Founder, President & Developer of the Spring Creek Community

By Frank’s estimate, geothermal heating and cooling system eliminate 600 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per building each year – a notable achievement in producing clean energy.

Spring Creek community’s environmental initiatives include:

  • Spring Creek Vacations is within the sustainably developed Spring Creek community, which has been awarded the BUILT GREEN® Community status and certification.
  • Healthy waterways and banks have been designed to maximize riparian habitat standards throughout the Spring Creek community.
  • The perimeter trail system integrates public access to the creek and trail connections, weaving together the natural world and incorporating the environment into the community.
  • There are bridges for pedestrian and bicycle access throughout the town of Canmore and within the Spring Creek community, including schools, public transit, and healthcare, all to build a more pedestrian-friendly, walkable community that integrates with the surrounding environment.
  • The Spring Creek community’s green spaces exceed those of the Canmore Municipal and Environmental reserve standards.
  • The Spring Creek community has a ground-water-only irrigation system which does not pull from the municipal water supply.
  • All buildings in Spring creek are equipped with geothermal heating and cooling systems, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using the Earth’s temperature to regulate our buildings, instead of oil or water systems.

Sustainability in community development is about continual optimization to meet the needs of its residents – health, social, and economic – while protecting the ability of the environment to provide the foundation for our future. Spring Creek continues to lead with environmental advancements in the community – most recently with our newest building, The Tamarack Lodge, which was built with geothermal heating, solar panels, an underground parkade with electric vehicle charging stations, and its stunning courtyard for added green space. As with this and past developments, Spring Creek will continue to work towards a greener future in all our projects.

The heart of Spring Creek Mountain Village beats on in this continuous, cyclical effort to be a green and healthy place for people of all ages to live, work, and thrive.

Sustainability at Spring Creek Vacations

Built within the vibrant Spring Creek community, Spring Creek Vacations was developed with sustainability in mind since day one. Making every effort to make your stay with us comfortable, while ensuring the protection of the wonderful environment that surrounds our home, we want to ensure that everyone can see just how special Canmore is today, tomorrow and in our future. This means that along with being a part of the BUILT GREEN® certified Spring Creek community development, we’ve worked hard to have our own sustainable practices, too.

Spring Creek Vacations’ sustainable practices include:

  • All of our Canmore vacation rentals are equipped with geothermal heating and cooling systems, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our latest building, The Tamarack Lodge, was built with solar panels.
  • The Tamarack Lodge parkade is equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.
  • All rooms are equipped with condensing dryers, which are highly energy efficient.
  • All of our Canmore vacation rentals are equipped with local, refillable amenities from Rocky Mountain Soap Company.
  • All of our Canmore vacation rentals’ in-room toiletries are refillable and made sustainably by The Rocky Mountain Soap Company.
  • Spring Creek Vacations uses contactless, paperless check-in and check-out to help reduce waste and paper usage.
  • There are no linen or towel changes during your stay unless requested, which helps to reduce water consumption.

We take the care of our environment and your comfort seriously. If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to stay with us, contact us today for more information.

Together, we can make our future brighter.