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5 Things to Do in Canmore This Summer if Hiking Isn’t Your Thing

Mountain view of Canmore from the perspective of the hot tub at Spring Creek Vacations, during a bright blue skied day.

There are many fun things to do in Canmore this summer—even if hiking isn’t quite something that you’re into. Whether it’s flying in a helicopter, venturing off on a float tour through Bow River or going on a Canadian Rockies Experience, your summer is bound to be adventurous while staying in Canmore! 

Canmore Raft Tours

Explore the Bow River in the most unique way—on a scenic nature float! Experience the picturesque views of the mountains and forested slopes while floating through the river. Sit back and relax as you learn all about Canmore’s fascinating history and the diverse wildlife that call Bow Valley home from experienced guides. 

Canmore Raft Tours offers their Scenic River Floating experiences that range from one-hour family floats for all ages to three-day rafting trips. Located one hour west of Calgary and nestled right beside the east boundary of Banff National Park, CRT tours and activities are the perfect way to make the most out of a day trip.

A red and white helicopter flies over the Canmore mountain tops and bright blue lake.

Helicopter Tour with Alpine Helicopters Inc.

 Instead of going through the mountains on a hiking tour, have you ever imagined experiencing their beauty from above? Fly through the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains this summer during a once in a lifetime helicopter tour with Alpine Helicopters Inc. Their helicopter rides offer the most breathtaking views of the Rockies and their professional guides will literally take you on a tour that goes above and beyond any other sightseeing experience.  

 Alpine Helicopters offer tours for everyone, providing guests with nine different types of tour options. Let your adventurous intuitions take flight while soaring over Mount Assiniboine and Three Sisters Peaks with a birds-eye-view, or experience the pristine mountain meadows and wildflowers after landing in the continental divide at Marvel Pass.

Canadian Rockies Experience

Make unforgettable memories on one of Canadian Rockies Experience’s sensational summer tours. Located in Canmore, their tours offer guests a luxurious experience through the Rocky Mountains with various food and beverage options.  

The Lake, Trains & Canyons Experience embarks guests on a remarkable private tour to Lake Louise. To kick off the adventurous day, locally baked pastries and hot beverages are served before touring Kootenay National Park to journey to the picturesque Marble Canyon. While listening to the roaring sounds of the ferocious canyon, guests can experience scenic views with comfort. Watch the trains pass by while enjoying a first-class meal at the historic Station Restaurant in the village of Lake Louise. Experience the wonders of the lake first-hand during a relaxing stroll before touring Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. This tour is the perfect day trip for any family!

A woman with her eyes closed and in a white towel smiles as she is lying down getting a back massage in a white room, in Canmore, Alberta.

Take a Day Trip to the Spa

After embarking on those thrilling tours, you may need time to wind down and relax with a massage or spa treatment. Since the summer can become quite busy with outdoor activities and family tours, why not take a day to unwind and rejuvenate? There are many reputable spas located within Canmore that will revitalise your energy and make you feel ready to take on more exciting sight-seeing tours with your loved ones. 

 Offering relaxation treatments such as therapeutic massages, facials, hair and makeup services, pedicures and manicures, Evergreen Spa has various treatments for a peaceful self-care day. Bring a guest to get pampered or take the day for yourself and enjoy the lavish day spa located within the Spring Creek community.

Relaxing at Your Vacation Rental

It’s never a bad idea to spend a rainy summer day in Canmore’s premiere neighbourhood while staying in one of Spring Creek Vacations’ rentals. With views of gorgeous mountains and calming spring-fed creeks, your stay will provide you with an enchanting experience. Visit the downtown core using pathways within the neighbourhood to dine at the mountain cuisine cafes and restaurants or shop at the unique boutiques.

Having amenities that include your own private barbecue and the facility’s outdoor hot tub, you and your guests will always have something fun to do! With games in the resident lounge like pool, training equipment in the exercise room, and stunning landscaped inner courtyards and Spring Creek’s extensive trail system waiting to be adventured, there’s something for everyone during your stay.

There are plenty of things to do in Canmore this summer that don’t include hiking. The options are endless when it comes to finding different ways to explore the magic and breathtaking scenes of the Rocky Mountains – see you out there!

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