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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs To Help You Plan And Book Your Canmore Trip With Spring Creek Vacations:

How close is Spring Creek Vacations to downtown Canmore?

While there are slight variations depending on the building, Spring Creek Vacations is under a 5-minute drive from downtown Canmore and under 10 minutes walking distance from downtown Canmore.

How far is Spring Creek Vacations/Canmore from Banff?

Spring Creek Vacations is approximately a 10 to 15-minute drive from the Banff National Park gates and a 25-minute drive to downtown Banff.

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Do we get a Banff Park Pass included with our stay?

No, at this time a Banff National Park Pass is not included with your stay.

Where can I get a Banff National Park Pass?

You can purchase a National Park Pass online, in person at the Banff National Park gates or at the Visitor Centre in Banff.

Does Spring Creek Vacations have any pet-friendly vacation rentals?

Yes, Spring Creek Vacations has two pet-friendly vacation rentals in the Tamarack Lodge: Tamarack Lodge Unit 303A and Unit 312A.

Does Spring Creek Vacations offer group and/or wedding rates?

Yes, Spring Creek Vacations does offer group and wedding rates. Please contact us for further details on our group and wedding rates.

Does Spring Creek Vacations have a swimming pool or hot tub?

Spring Creek Vacations does not have a swimming pool, however, all of our buildings have a hot tub for your enjoyment.

Is there a grocery store nearby?

Yes, Spring Creek Vacations is close to several grocery stores, including Alder Grocery, Red Gables, Save on Foods and Safeway.

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What restaurants are nearby?

Spring Creek Vacations has many delicious Canmore restaurants nearby for your enjoyment, including The Stirling Grill and Lounge, The Mineshaft Pub, The Pulse General Store and Café, Bridgette Bar (which will open in the Tamarack in early 2023) and there is easy access to Canmore’s downtown restaurants.

What is there to do for kids outdoors in Canmore and near Spring Creek Vacations?

  • Visit the nearby playgrounds.
  • Visit the bike parks for cycling.
  • Visit the local farmers’ market, the Canmore Mountain Market which takes place every Thursday starting May 26, 2022, and goes until October.
  • Book one of the many interesting and fun cave tours in Canmore.
  • Hiking in Canmore and the surrounding area.
  • Mountain biking or cycling around Canmore with your family.
  • Skiing during the winter months while in Canmore.
  • Exploring Canmore with a fun mystery scavenger hunt called the “Smuggler’s Blues” through Mystery Towns by Cluesolvers. They also offer a more challenging hunt called “Around the World” for older groups and kids.

What is there to do indoors in Canmore?

What else can I do during my Canmore vacation?

There’s plenty more to see and do while visiting Canmore! Check out our travel tips and guides in our travel blog so you can experience Canmore like a local.

Is there a shuttle service to/from the airport that is included with my stay?

No, a shuttle service is not included with your stay. However, we are happy to help book them for you. Airport Shuttle Express offers shuttle services between the Calgary Airport and Canmore. Contact us for more information or help to book a shuttle service.

FAQs About Staying in Spring Creek Vacations’ Condo Rentals:

Does Spring Creek Vacations have air conditioning in their condo and vacation rentals?

Spring Creek Vacations is proud to use a passive cooling system called Geothermal heating and cooling in all our condo rentals. Geothermal heating and cooling is an efficient, clean energy system that helps to regulate the temperature of our rentals in a sustainable manner by using the Earth’s underground temperature to exchange heat. This system “eliminates 600 tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year” compared to its less natural counterparts. As part of the Built Green Certified Spring Creek Community, we’re proud of our efforts to minimize our global footprint whenever possible.

Do Spring Creek Vacations’ condo rentals have mountain views?

The views from our condo and vacation rentals depend on the condominium building and where it is located within the building.

Do we need to bring our own pots/pans/cooking utensils to use?

No, the Spring Creek Vacation condo rentals are stocked with the kitchen equipment you’ll need to prepare your meals within your vacation rental, with grocery stores nearby for you to pick up any ingredients.

Does Spring Creek Vacations supply cots or extra beds?

No, Spring Creek Vacations does not supply cots or extra beds that are not already supplied within our condo rentals.

What kind of coffee makers and equipment do Spring Creek Vacatons’ condo rentals have?

The equipment within the individual condo and vacation rentals vary by unit. All out units are supplied with Beamer’s Coffee, a local coffee roaster in Canmore.

Why am I being charged a cleaning fee for my stay at Spring Creek Vacations?

Please contact us for further information and to provide us with details of your stay so that we can better assist you.

How do I adjust the condo rental’s temperature?

Instructions for adjusting your condo rental’s temperature are provided upon arrival, as well as within your vacation rental. Please note that Spring Creek Vacations’ geothermal system is a “passive” system, meaning that the temperature will change gradually. It can take up to 2 hours to feel the results of a temperature adjustment.

Can I have extra towels/coffee/dishwashing detergent/toilet paper for my stay with Spring Creek Vacations?

Yes, these items are available upon request.

Do you have an ice machine?

The kitchen fridges within our vacation rentals are equipped with ice makers.

Can I smoke on the balcony of the condo rental?

All of our buildings and balconies are smoke-free. There are designated smoking areas within walking distance of the properties, however, there are no smoking areas within the buildings or on the properties themselves. Please assist us with keeping the neighbourhood clean by disposing of your used cigarettes in the appropriate bins.

Where can I securely store my bicycles?

There is bike storage outside of each building. Spring Creek Vacations can provide bicycles with locks for guests to use. Please note that guests must bring their own locks for their personal bikes.

Where is the garbage/recycling room in the vacation rental buildings?

Our garbage and recycling areas are in the parkades of each building.

FAQs About Parking At Spring Creek Vacations:

How many parking spaces are provided for my stay at Spring Creek Vacations?

Every condo rental is provided with one parking stall in the building’s parkade for your convenience, with street parking available for additional vehicles. Some condo rentals also have an additional parking stall provided, however, this is dependent on the unit. Please contact us to find out if the vacation rental you are interested in has an additional stall.

Where can I park my second vehicle during my stay?

There is street parking near all our buildings, although we cannot guarantee that there will be available spots during your stay for your second vehicle.

How tall is the parkade and where can I park my car if my car is too big for the parking stall that was supplied?

The parkade height limit is 7’3”. If necessary, there is parking along the street, however, availability is limited.

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FAQs About Owning in Spring Creek:

I really enjoyed my stay and want to buy a home in Spring Creek – where can I find out more about owning in Spring Creek?

We’re so glad you enjoyed your time in Canmore and Spring Creek. You can find out more about owning a home in Spring Creek through Spring Creek Real Estate.