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Taking a winter vacation is the perfect way to enjoy the winter months. Whether you’re travelling by yourself, your partner or with your family, a vacation can help chase the winter blues away. It’s a change in your usual routine, and it allows you time to relax and appreciate the good parts of winter, instead of dwelling on the cold.

If you’re looking for a place to visit to shake up your winter routine, then Canmore is the place for you. Read on for our 5 reasons why you should visit Canmore during the winter season.

View of Canmore's mountains from unit #207 White Spruce Lodge, one of Spring Creek Vacations luxury vacation rentals, taken in Canmore during the winter.
A view of Canmore’s mountains from one of White Spruce Lodge’s luxury units.

1. A Winter Wonderland of Beautiful Landscapes

Canmore during the winter is brimming with natural beauty, and when the snow comes, it turns into a true winter wonderland.

With an annual snowfall of about 244cm, you can expect to see fluffy, white snow glistening on the rooftops of Canmore’s town. And its snowy landscapes are made even more glorious by the dramatic peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains that surround the town.

One of its main features is the Three Sisters, a trio of mountain peaks that draws many tourists year-round. These famous peaks become even more striking during the winter when fresh snow falls, too. The Three Sisters are some of the most recognized peaks in the Bow River Valley area and are a sight worth seeing while in Canmore during the winter.

The Three Sisters aren’t Canmore’s only natural feature, however. Canmore also boasts the nearby Grotto Canyon, near Grotto Mountain, the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park where you can find Grassi Lakes, and more. Canmore is a magical place during the colder months and is full of beautiful winter sights to see while on your trip.

2. Fewer Crowds Than The Summer Season

If you’re hoping for a less crowded experience when visiting Canmore, then the winter season is the perfect time to go.

Because of Canmore’s popularity during the summer months, the town and its surrounding sights become incredibly busy and crowded with visitors. While some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of a filled-up Canmore, many would prefer a more relaxed visit while in the mountain town.

Visiting Canmore during the winter means fewer tourists to crowd the town and its attractions. It also means less stress and more availability for booking your accommodation and activities. The winter season, usually classified as the ‘off-season’, gives guests more opportunities to see Canmore on their own schedule, instead of being pressured to squeeze in with crowds of other visitors.

You’ll be able to enjoy what Canmore during the winter has to offer more easily. You can avoid the crowds that flock to Canmore in the summer, and explore the town and nearby sights at your own leisure.

A woman dressed in black with a red backpack walks through a road in snowy Canmore, Alberta, surrounded by brown buildings and homes covered in snow, with mountains in the background, on a sunny day.
You can enjoy fewer crowds while visiting Canmore during the winter. Photo by Devon Hawkins on Unsplash

3. Plenty of Outdoor Winter Activities to Enjoy

Canmore during the winter season is also packed with outdoor activities to fill your time. If you’re looking for things to do while in Canmore, then you should try some of Canmore’s many winter activities. From hiking to skating and skiing and more, Canmore has many options for the outdoor adventurer looking for things to do in the wintertime.

Here are some of the many things you can enjoy during the winter while in Canmore:

And those are only some of the many outdoor winter activities that you can try while in Canmore. Canmore has plenty more to enjoy, both indoors and outdoors, while visiting during the winter.

A man in a grey sweater and dark vest with a toque stands on a frozen, reflective lake with patches of snow around him and Canmore's mountains in the background while doing a winter hike in Canmore during the winter.
From hiking and skiing to skating and ice climbing, there are plenty of outdoor activities to try while in Canmore. Photo by Nick Linnen on Unsplash

4. Exceptional Shopping and Unique Eateries to Try

Outdoor activities aren’t your thing? Don’t worry, Canmore also has exceptional boutique shopping and eateries to explore and try. From high-end restaurants to specialty shops, the charming streets of Canmore will keep you busy.

Here are some of our favourite shops and boutique stores you should consider visiting while in Canmore:

  • Le Chocolatier: This is one of our favourite artisan chocolate shops in Canmore. We even put their delicious chocolate in our rooms as gifts for our guests.
  • Canmore Tea Company: If you’re looking for tasty, high-quality tea that’s been sourced from around the world, then Canmore Tea Company is the place for you.
  • Of Cabbages And Kings Pottery: Want to bring back some unique pottery as a souvenir or gift? This family-owned and operated store is full of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pottery that’s perfect as a memento of your time in Canmore.
  • Stonewaters Home & Gift: This luxury home and gift store will have your suitcase brimming with unique products. Full of specially curated items, Stonewaters is a practical must-see while in Canmore.
Gourmet chocolate pieces and truffles laid out evenly on a white background, a perfect treat while on a winter honeymoon in Canmore, Alberta
You’ll be able to find gourmet chocolate, artisan goods, local, handcrafted products and more while in Canmore during the winter. Photo by Jessica Loaiza on Unsplash

And if you’re feeling hungry, we have plenty of recommendations for eateries and restaurants for you to try while you’re in Canmore:

  • The Pulse Coffee Bar & General Store: The Pulse is the ideal spot for a tasty cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat while you’re out and about in Canmore, Alberta.
  • The Mineshaft Tavern: This pub fits the bill when you’re looking for a more casual but delicious meal.
  • Stirling Grill: If fine dining is what you’re craving, then the Stirling Grill is here to impress. With options for 3-course meals designed by their chefs and with wine pairings by an expert sommelier, your mouth will be watering in no time.
  • Red Rock Pizza: Red Rock Pizza in Canmore is a delicious option for a crowd favourite. If you’re looking for a meal to bring back to your accommodation, or something that everyone in the family can enjoy, then you should try Red Rock Pizza.

These spots are only some of our favourites; there’s even more in Canmore for visitors to enjoy and discover while in the mountain town.

Female server in black uniform stands with a plate of food in her right hand, smiling while at Mineshaft Tavern in Spring Creek Mountain Village
Good food and cheerful atmosphere at The Mineshaft Tavern, one of our many highly recommended Canmore restaurants.

5. Cozy, Luxury Rental Accommodation to Appreciate The Winter Season

There’s nothing like curling up with a book next to a warm fire to enjoy the snow outside. And if you’re looking for a relaxing winter getaway, then booking luxury rental accommodation should be at the top of your list.

Spring Creek Vacations’ luxury rental condos and townhomes are the perfect suites to enjoy Canmore with during the winter season. Located in the heart of Canmore, our luxury lodges Rundle Cliffs Lodge and White Spruce Lodge are great for exploring the town, or for simply relaxing in your suite.

Our suites at Rundle Cliffs Lodge and White Spruce Lodge all have gas fireplaces, perfect for cozying up to during the colder weather. All of our suites are equipped with gourmet kitchens, which make cooking a delicious and comforting meal a fun experience. Each suite also has spacious entertainment rooms, spa-like bathrooms, and comfortable bedrooms for a restful night’s sleep. And, to top it all off, all our suites have access to a shared hot tub, the ultimate way to relax and enjoy Canmore’s snow from a warm spot. Booking a luxury rental suite will not only make the trip feel more special but also extra cozy.

Enjoy Canmore During The Winter With A Winter Getaway

If you looking for ways to shake up your winter routine and get rid of the winter blues, then you should consider a trip to Canmore. From beautiful winter landscapes to fun activities and delicious restaurants, Canmore makes a wonderful winter getaway. Browse our luxury rentals and book your stay with Spring Creek Vacations today to make the most of your Canmore vacation.

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