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5 Cozy and Delicious Things To Make In Your Canmore Vacation Rental This Winter

One of the best things about Spring Creek’s Canmore vacation rentals is the kitchens. 

Equipped with every kitchen essential, these spacious and modern Canmore vacation rental kitchens make for the perfect, cozy travel experience. 

The delicious and cozy things that you and your loved ones indulge in during a vacation play a major role in what makes a trip memorable. 

Tasty food and drinks bring people together, especially when you can prepare these kinds of treats together in the comforts of your own space.

So what are some things that you can make in your Canmore vacation rental kitchen this winter? Read on for some of our favorite, flavourful picks.

1. Lasagne

If you’re traveling to Canmore for the winter season, you’re likely participating in snow day activities. There’s nothing quite like a warm, gooey lasagne at the end of a day filled with skiing or making snow angels. 

The Canmore vacation rental kitchens here at Spring Creek are perfect for getting a beautiful oven-baked lasagne together, and with the vast layout, ideal for getting the whole family involved. 

Recommended recipe: Roasted Vegetable Lasagna / Crumb Blog.

a bird's eye view shot of a baked lasagna in a ceramic dish, with ramekins of shredded cheese, salt, and herbs nearby, as well as an onion, mushrooms, and garlic.
Everything you need to make a comforting meal (except the groceries!) Photo Credit: Angèle Camp Unsplash

2. Mulled Wine

If you’ve never had mulled wine before, then you, my friend, are missing out. Mulled wine is a wintertime dream, existing as a blend of red wine and a variety of mulling spices. What makes it so special? It’s hot. Nothing says enjoying mountainous Canmore views from your vacation rental window like a cup of mulled wine. Mmm. 

What makes mulled wine even more fun is that there is a handful of different, simple recipes to look up and consider. A wonderful creation to bring to life in your open-concept Canmore vacation rental kitchen. 

Recommended recipe: Maple Mulled Wine / Maple From Canada

A close up of a pair of hands holding a mug of hot tea.
Pure happiness in a cup.

3. Artichoke Dip

Similar to mulled wine, artichoke dip is a delicious and quick thing to make with the family and friends. It’s flavoursome with a shareable vibe that everyone can enjoy during drinks and conversation. 

It’s especially good for a winter treat because it tastes so great fresh out of the oven. Warm food, warm heart. 

You and your people can enjoy staying in for a game or movie night instead of going out to dinner since these Canmore vacation rentals offer you a vast kitchen that is a culinary experience in itself! 
Recommended recipe: The Best Spinach Artichoke Dip / Dishing Delish

A cozy stone fireplace in a comfortable living room, with candles and greenery.
Not a photo of artichoke dip – but wouldn’t it be nice to curl up here with some?

4. Specialty Coffees

coffee in a clear glass cup, with whipped topping and a sprinkle of pistachios
Whip up something delicious. Photo Credit: Max Nayman, Unsplash

Who doesn’t love a warm cup of coffee to sip on during the winter months? Especially when there’s something extra unique to every sip. 

If you and the people around you are coffee lovers or caffeine connoisseurs, specialty coffees are a great thing to whip up and enjoy in your Canmore vacation rental. 

There are so many specialty coffee recipes out there to choose from that make a coffee moment just that much more enjoyable, which fits watching the snowfall like a glove. 

Recommended recipe: B 52 Coffee / CD Kitchen

5. Holiday Dinners

A herb-roasted turkey on a counter with a person standing over the turkey, carving a leg
Make some memories. Photo Credit: Claudio Schwarz, Unsplash

With winter comes the holidays, and with the holidays, comes food. Cozy and comforting food.

Holiday dinners are one of the major reasons the holidays are so anticipated, and by choosing a Canmore vacation rental for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will still have that sense of being at home. 

The Canmore vacation rental kitchens here at Spring Creek are great for putting together the kind of holiday meal that you would have back at home. It’s big enough for everyone to give a helping hand, and the perfect amount of hominess for everybody to feel relaxed and celebratory. 

Recommended recipe: Alison Roman’s maple butter turkey with roast garlic / Good Food 

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