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Winter 2020 Bucket List: 3 Reasons to Vacation In Canmore

With 2020 leaving many people from around the world feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with the stress of a pandemic, taking a vacation has never felt so important. 

Luckily, if you have the chance to vacation in Canmore, Alberta this year, you will find yourself in the heart of natural beauty and adventure. With vacationing being so important this year, explore why you should choose to vacation in Canmore, Alberta in 2020.

Vacation In Canmore For The Hiking:

Vacation in Canmore in 2020, and get ready to explore some of the most sought after hiking trails in Alberta. The foremost of these being the five Golden Larch Hikes which allow you to see nature in it’s true un-changed beauty. 

Mt. Lorette Ponds:

Mt Lorette Ponds - Image of pond and surrounding nature

This is the perfect trail for those looking to see incredible natural beauty, without the adrenaline rush. Spend a morning taking this 1.1 km loop trail and stroll through the paved paths surrounded by nature.

Mt. Lorette Ponds also offers some of the best fishing spots in Canmore, hosting numerous Rainbow Trout and other aquatic creatures. 

Burstall Pass:

Burstall Pass - Image of surrounding area

This 14.8 km hike to Burstall Pass features the perfect mix of forest and willow flats located just near the Burstall Lakes. Bring your camera along for this adventure and capture the immense beauty of the towering mountains at the pass. 

Three Isle Lake:

Three Isle Lake - Surrounding area and lake

Three Isle Lake offers a challenge for those looking to get out of their comfort zone and experience a picturesque overnight hike. The 20.4 km trail features natural amenities that will leave you breathless, the best part is that you can bike the first 3.8 km of the trail!

Arethusa Cirque:

Arethusa Cirque - surrounding area and mountains

Located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Arethusa Cirque is a 4.5 km hike which brings together many different aspects of nature for you to explore. Whether you are hiking through the alpine meadows, or sweeping vistas, the dramatic landscape will leave you wanting more. 

Vacation In Canmore for the Food:

When you vacation in Canmore this year, rest easy knowing that you will be not only surrounded by natural beauty, but also amazing food. 

Canmore offers some of the best restaurants and breweries for those looking for a unique experience with local ingredients. Each restaurant in Canmore brings its own specialty, whether from the vast culture or naturally occurring resources. 

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. 

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. located on 10th Street features local and sustainable recipes and ingredients that will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Why not pair a freshly made Forno pizza with a local craft beer from Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is a great option for the food-lovers out there. 

Gaucho Brazilian BBQ 

Want to try something new after a long day of hiking? Gaucho Brazilian BBQ brings together Canmore’s mountain lifestyle and Brazilian traditional cooking to create delicious combinations. Enjoy the selection of perfectly roasted meats including Brazilian traditional foods such as Rodizo. 

Vacation In Canmore For the Premier Rental Accommodation

When you aren’t exploring Canmore’s natural wonders, or enjoying delicious local food, why not enjoy relaxing and luxurious Canmore Vacation Rentals.

Each of SpringCreek’s units are beautifully appointed with the highest level of amenities, interior décor and luxury furnishings, making Spring Creek one of the premier Canmore Vacation Rentals. Here’s what you can expect on your next trip.

Rundle Cliffs Lodge

Rundle Cliffs Lodge at Spring Creek - exterior

Nestled between two creeks and surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, Rundle Cliffs Lodge is the perfect place to stay on your vacation in Canmore. Located in downtown Canmore and only a 5-minute walk to Main Street, there are endless possibilities for you to explore Canmore and it’s hidden beauty. 

Rundle Cliffs Lodge also hosts several luxurious amenities such as hot tubs, lounge areas, exercise rooms and more. With all Vacation rentals being a fully equipped suite, you will feel right at home and more importantly, comfortable during your stay. 

Browse and check availability of Spring Creek Vacations units in Rundle Cliffs Lodge today and start planning your Vacation in Canmore, Alberta. 

White Spruce Lodge

living room at #309 White Spruce Lodge

White Spruce Lodge was made for you to take in Canmore’s signature mountain views. Located in the heart of downtown Canmore, it’s easy to explore this idyllic mountain town. At the core of White Spruce Lodge lies the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding it. 

Enjoy a wide range of luxurious amenities during your vacation in Canmore, along with knowing that all units are fully equipped as suites for your comfort. Whether you are looking for your next outdoor adventure, or wanting to take in the local shops, White Spruce Lodge is the perfect place to stay during your next trip. 

Don’t worry, if you fall in love with Canmore and it’s unique mountain lifestyle you can also stay! 

Choose to live at Spring Creek and become one of our Canmore vacation rental owners to keep making lasting memories with your loved ones. 

For more information on your next vacation in Canmore, Alberta please don’t hesitate to contact us for enquiries regarding bookings at our properties or enquiries regarding living in Spring Creek. 

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