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The 3-Day Foodie Itinerary: Spring Creek Vacations’ Delicious Guide to Canmore Restaurants

Canmore is a mountain town filled with opportunities for adventure. From plenty of hiking trails to gorgeous lakes and even its proximity to Banff National Park, and more, many make Canmore their summer spot for an outdoor adventure. But Canmore’s natural sightseeing spots aren’t the only draw for visitors. In fact, if your way of exploring a town is through their food scene, you’re in luck; there are a wide variety of delicious Canmore restaurants worth exploring.

If you’re a foodie and you haven’t had the chance to try Canmore’s restaurants yet, then we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you to plan your next food adventure with. Read on for Spring Creek Vacations’ 3-day foodie itinerary guide to Canmore restaurants.

Day 1: Canmore Restaurants to Start Your Trip Off With a Bang

For the first day of your foodie trip to Canmore, why not jump right into some of the most flavourful and exciting spots that Canmore has to offer? Here are our suggestions for where you should stop for a burst of flavour while on your Canmore vacation.

Breakfast: The Summit Cafe

Known as “Canmore’s best kept secret” the Summit Cafe is a tasty cafe that serves a full breakfast menu. With flavourful options like their “Huevos Rancheros” and “Spicy Mexi Eggs” to classic omelettes and breakfast sandwiches, there’s a dish for every breakfast mood. Plus, they also serve a full lunch menu in case you want to go back for more. A classic choice to start your day.

Menus: Breakfast, Lunch and Kids menu.

Lunch: Kain Tayo

Are you always on the hunt for the next dish with a burst of flavour, or particularly enjoying the trend of delicious street food that’s hitting the restaurant scene? Then Kain Tayo is the place for you. Serving internationally inspired street fare and elevated “casual eats”, they’re “bringing the flavours of the globe to our alleyway”. You can find items like “General Tso’s Chicken & Waffles”, “Birria Grilled Cheese Torta” or “Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts” on their innovative menu. With a cool, modern atmosphere, their lunch menu is a must-taste.

Menus: Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Dessert, and Kids menu.

Dinner: 4296

A hidden gem tucked away in an alley, 4296 is a delectable restaurant that emphasizes its distinctive cocktails and globally-inspired “pop culture cuisine”. A favourite spot of the Spring Creek Vacations team for a unique and delicious meal, you can order dishes like “Spiced ‘Foie Gras’ Spring Rolls”, “Burrata” and even a “Chef Will Take It From Here” fully unique 5-course meal. Their drink and cocktail menu is also a delicious adventure. For a one-of-a-kind meal to end your first day in Canmore off right, 4296 is an excellent choice.

Menus: Dinner and Drinks.

Bonus – Coffee: The Pulse Coffee Bar & General Store

For a wide selection of coffee drinks rich in flavour, The Pulse Coffee Bar is a great stop for a pick me up during your trip. It’s also ideal for a quick snack to keep you fueled between your delicious meals.

Day 2: Canmore Restaurants with Casual Eats For Relaxed Meals

After your first day of trying to fit everything in, sitting back and enjoying a more relaxing time in Canmore for your second day seems like the ideal choice. These tasty spots will check all the boxes for a casual atmosphere and satisfying comfort food.

Breakfast: Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.

Another icon of Canmore, Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. serves artisan “mountain-style” bagels that are ideal for a relaxed start to your day. Known by many as “Canmore’s Living Room” you’ll find a casual atmosphere that suits a grab-and-go meal or sitting down and enjoying your freshly baked, handmade bagel and coffee. But don’t let the atmosphere fool you! These bagels pack a punch with a variety of toppings to make them your own ideal sandwich and will give you the energy you’ll need to explore Canmore.

Menus: Lunch/Breakfast, Bagel Spreads, Drinks.

Lunch: Valbella Gourmet Foods

Established in 1978, Valbella Gourmet Foods is a local gourmet deli offering high-quality meats and goods. Located in downtown Canmore, this casual spot offers fine, European-style sausages, dried meats, hams and more, which you can taste at their deli or even find in multiple gourmet restaurants and dining spots. Whether it’s making your own sandwich with their savoury deli meats or indulging in one of their meat pies, you’ll find a filling, tasty and easy meal for lunch. They also have plenty of ready-to-eat options like soup, chili and butter chicken. Make sure to take some of their specialty meats back to your vacation rental for later (charcuterie board for an after-dinner snack, anyone?)!

Menus: Deli-Style Lunch

Dinner: The Iron Goat Pub & Grill

For a casual dinner that highlights the best of Canmore, The Iron Goat Pub & Grill offers classic pub food and internationally inspired cuisine. Their expansive, cozy rooms offer plenty of space while still feeling intimate. Their large windows also showcase the beautiful mountains that surround Canmore. Their appetizing menu features unique foods to satisfy your cravings, like “Chipotle Mango Duck Wings”, customizable nachos, pizzas and even “Blackened Salmon”. For a comfortable meal and indulgent food, The Iron Goat is a delightful way to round off your second day in Canmore, Alberta.

Menus: Lunch & Dinner

Bonus – Coffee: Blondies Cafe

Blondies Cafe feels like a coffee-lovers oasis hidden off the beaten path. In a small building that feels like a hip “shack”, Blondies Cafe makes delicious coffee drinks for the caffeine addict. It also offers refreshing smoothies as well as breakfast and lunch options for a quick, casual bite to eat. 

Day 3: Upscale Canmore Restaurants to Indulge In

For the last day of your trip to Canmore, why not go all out? These upscale and fine-dining Canmore restaurants provide a unique and memorable experience that will leave you thinking about your meal long after you’ve swallowed your last bite.

Breakfast: The Bankhead Restaurant and Lounge

The Bankhead Restaurant and Lounge is an upscale restaurant that features “internationally influenced Canadian cuisine”. Its name is inspired by the small coal-mining town in Banff National Park called “Bankhead”, and the restaurant is committed to honouring the heritage of the town and contributing back to the Canmore community. Using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible, this restaurant has elevated breakfast items that will have your mouth watering. Try dishes like their “Turkish Eggs”, their “Beef Short Rib and Mushroom Egg Benedict” or their “French Toast with Vanilla Maple Chantilly Cream” for starting your day with a luxurious breakfast.

Menus: Breakfast & Lunch, Dinner, and Drinks.

Lunch: The Stirling Lounge

The Stirling Lounge offers a cozy atmosphere with high-end bites to eat. From Scottish-inspired dishes to your classic comfort foods with an elevated twist, you’ll lunch will take you for a flavourful ride. With rich dishes like their “Prawn & Lobster Ravioli” or “Steak Sandwich” as well as heavenly desserts like “Chocolate Pate” and “Creme Caramel”, lunch at The Stirling Lounge will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Looking for something extra special? Try The Stirling Grill, the Stirling Lounge’s sister, for their Kings Table Menu (only available for dinner).

Menus: Lunch & Dinner.

Dinner: The Sensory

For a restaurant that highlights the best flavours of Canmore, The Sensory is a truly special experience for your tastebuds. This upscale restaurant features regional cuisine that uses fresh, local ingredients that are meant to express the Rocky Mountains. Along with a seasonal tasting menu that’s “designed to take you on a sensory experience”, The Sensory’s dining room showcases gorgeous views of Canmore’s natural beauty. Some dish highlights include their “Red Fox Fungi”, their “Arctic Char” and their “Chuck Burger”. They also have an expansive wine and cocktail menu. The Sensory promises a fine-dining experience to elevate your trip and keep you wanting to come back for more.

Menus: Dinner, Lounge Menu, Wine, and Cocktails.

Bonus – Coffee: Eclipse Coffee Roasters

Round out your last day in Canmore with a full-bodied, flavourful coffee from Eclipse Coffee Roasters, freshly roasted right in Canmore. Pouring a variety of elevated coffee drinks to indulge in, you’ll be tempted to take a bag of their rich coffee beans back home with you as a souvenir of your Canmore vacation.

Canmore Restaurants: A Foodie’s Dream Vacation

From casual eats to fine-dining experiences, you’ll find unique meals that will give you a memorable vacation in Canmore. Whether you hit every stop on our itinerary or add a couple to your own adventure, we know you’ll love getting to taste Canmore’s restaurants. Inspired to book your own trip? Browse our vacation rentals and book your Canmore vacation today.

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