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Spring Creek Vacations’ Guide to Outdoor Sightseeing in Canmore This Summer

Nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canmore is a beautiful mountain town with so much to do in the summer. From Canmore’s tasty restaurants to hiking its mountain trails, it’s a destination full of variety and adventure. But, Canmore is best known for its outdoor sightseeing and natural landscapes. With so much to see, it can be difficult to narrow down what you should fit into your trip’s itinerary.

Planning a trip to Canmore this summer and want to see the best of Canmore’s great outdoors? We’ve got you covered! Read on for Spring Creek Vacations’ guide to outdoor sightseeing in Canmore.

Why Canmore Is One of The Best Canadian Rocky Mountain Destinations To Visit

Located in Alberta’s Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canmore’s location is one of its main draws. Just a fifteen-minute drive from the famous Banff National Park, it’s also central to many attractions in the Canadian Rockies. In fact, Canmore is also close to Bow Valley Provincial Park, the Three Sisters, Mount Rundle and more. There are also so many things to do right in Canmore that are worth seeing and trying, too. 

Still a hub of plenty of activities, Canmore offers a more enjoyable and unique atmosphere than other nearby mountain towns. It’s also less crowded in the summer months compared to its more well-known counterpart, Banff. In Canmore, you can enjoy visiting the Rocky Mountains at your own pace. While Banff is a town designed for tourists, Canmore is designed for locals; staying in Canmore feels like you’re enjoying the best of the Rocky Mountains like a local would. It’s also easier to book your stay and reservations in Canmore than in Banff during the high-traffic season, plus you get more for what you pay for while staying in Canmore.

Along with being a great alternative to staying in Banff and central to so many attractions, Canmore is flush with plenty of its own things to do. Trying to narrow down what to see while in Canmore? Keep reading for our top outdoor sightseeing spots and activities in and around Canmore.

The Top 3 Outdoor Sightseeing Spots and Activities in Canmore, Alberta

1. Three Sisters Mountains, Canmore Alberta

The Three Sisters Mountains are one of the most iconic attractions in Canmore and Bow Valley. These dramatic peaks make for an especially spectacular sight during sunrises and sunsets. Although easily spotted and photographed right in Canmore, there are also excellent hiking trails to enjoy the Three Sisters from. One of the best spots to see the peaks is from the Three Sisters Viewpoint at Policeman’s Creek (another beautiful hiking spot), accessed by an easy hike just off of Bow Valley Trail.

2. Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, Canmore Alberta

Originally developed for the 1988 Winter Olympic Nordic Events, The Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park is now a popular tourist destination in Canmore. Great for skiers during the winter, the Centre is also well-known for its summer activities and attractions. During the summer, you can enjoy its disc golf course, beautiful hiking trails, stunning views of Canmore and the mountains and fun mountain biking trails. It’s also a wonderful historic site in sports history. 

Some of its most popular trails include:

  • the Grassi Lakes Upper* and Grassi Lakes Interpretive Trails*
  • the Goat Creek Trail*
  • the Banff Trail
  • the Narnia Trail
  • the Mad Handler Trail
  • and the Black Coal Chutes Trail

Along with these popular options, there are plenty more trails to explore at the Centre.

*Please note that these trails are currently closed until further notice. Check the status of the park’s trails to plan ahead for your visit.

3. Canmore Mountain Market, Canmore Alberta

Another outdoor sight worth seeing is Canmore’s Mountain Market. This delightful market features local vendors, including local farmers, artists and craftsmen. Held in Elevation Place’s parking lot, you can enjoy the mountain views while sipping on local coffee and exploring the market. Make sure to pick up some fresh veggies and baked goods to take back to your vacation rental while at the market. You can also find plenty of unique souvenirs to take home with you to remember your vacation in Canmore! The Mountain Market in Canmore is a fun outdoor activity that’s perfect for a more leisurely pace and is also excellent for all ages. 

More Outdoor Sightseeing Attractions Near Canmore, Alberta

Looking for even more things to add to your itinerary? Here are some other great attractions near Canmore that are worth taking the time to visit:

  1. Bow River & Canmore Engine Bridge Hike, Canmore Alberta
  2. Banff National Park, Banff Alberta
  3. Johnson Lake, Banff National Park
  4. Bow Valley Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country Alberta
  5. Grotto Mountain Trail (hard) or Grotto Canyon Trail (easy), Bow Valley Provincial Park

Canmore: An Adventure-Filled Summer Destination in The Canadian Rocky Mountains

There’s so much more to do and see in Canmore beyond the outdoor attractions we’ve listed here. With delicious restaurants, unique shops, and plenty of activities, your Canmore vacation will be a memorable experience that keeps you coming back for more. 

Want to make Canmore your summer destination in the Canadian Rockies? Browse our Canmore vacation rentals and book your trip today.

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