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The Tamarack Lodge: The Newest Canmore Luxury Rentals Coming to Spring Creek Vacations

Spring Creek Vacations specializes in luxury vacation rentals that offer elevated comfort. Located in the heart of Canmore, our rentals are comfortable yet luxurious accommodations. We’re proud to be a part of the ever-evolving Spring Creek community development. Spring Creek is a development that balances nature and conscious modern design. As part of this community, Spring Creek Vacations strives to provide the best in Canmore hospitality.

Continuing to adapt, we are pleased to announce our newest building: The Tamarack Lodge. The Tamarack Lodge is a luxury complex opening in late spring this year. This addition means more options and availability for guests.

Read on to find out more about our newest Canmore luxury rentals.

Prime Location in The Heart of Canmore

Tamarack Lodge is centrally located on Spring Creek Drive. It’s also just a short walk from downtown Canmore. In Spring Creek’s newest district called “THE BEAT”, the Tamarack is the centrepiece of this lively and growing area. Near all that Spring Creek and Canmore have to offer, you’re only steps away from all the action.

Close to delicious restaurants, you’ll easily be able to taste the wonderful and diverse restaurants of Canmore. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack from the nearby Pulse Coffee Bar. Enjoy a hearty meal at the Mineshaft Tavern, only a block or two away from the Tamarack. For something a little more elevated but close by, enjoy a gourmet meal in the Stirling Grill.

Along with excellent food, there’s even more to explore within the community. In Spring Creek, you can find great shopping, art galleries, liquor stores, spas, salons and more. And that’s only within the Spring Creek community, with even more to explore in and around Canmore. With more developments on the horizon, this prime location means your Tamarack Lodge stay will be filled with the best that Canmore has to offer now, and in the future.

Luxurious, Modern Design And Features

Much like our White Spruce Lodge and Rundle Cliffs Lodge, Tamarack Lodge is a luxury complex with a modern design and first-rate features.

Tamarack Lodge is an impressive addition to the community with its fusion of modern meets rustic design. The building features luxurious architecture inspired by nature and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Earthy tones and natural finishes like stone and wood bring the building to life and make its contemporary style stand out. Complementing its natural surroundings, Tamarack provides modern and luxury comforts to guests.

Tamarack Lodge also has a beautiful interior design to match its exterior. This new complex has four floors with one, two, three and four-bedroom condos. All Tamarack Lodge condos have fully-equipped kitchens with bright lighting and luxurious finishes. These include marble countertops, hardwood floors, top-of-the-line appliances and more.

Throughout the condos, you’ll find “earthy” and “rustic” finishes that ground the modern design back in the natural world. Barn-like wooden doors, hardwood floors, wooden accents and stone fireplaces complement the contemporary design. Bright lighting and large windows refresh the senses like Canmore’s mountain air. The Tamarack Lodge also features beautiful views of Canmore and the Rocky Mountains. Tamarack also has comfortable and cozy bedrooms, spa-like bathrooms and spacious living rooms.

The Tamarack building features heated underground parking, Geothermal heating and cooling systems and a spa-hot tub. The Tamarack Lodge’s design and features make it a great option for a mountain retreat in Canmore.

Picturesque Views and Scenery

The Tamarack Lodge’s design and location aren’t the only things that make it a great luxury vacation rental. Tamarack also has picturesque views and scenery that make it a unique getaway spot.

With its contemporary exterior and architectural style, Tamarack also features a stunning courtyard. The courtyard, unique to the Tamarack Lodge, showcases a striking, large pond. The pond and courtyard have rustic stonework, beautiful plants and trees and a calming atmosphere. This peaceful but charming feature provides a relaxing spot to enjoy. Whether with a view from your suite or while out on a walk around Spring Creek, the courtyard is a true highlight. This pond is not only lovely in the summertime, but also becomes a skating pond during the winter. The pond and courtyard enhance Tamarack’s aesthetic, and grounds the building in nature. Because nature is a huge inspiration for the design, the inclusion of the courtyard was an important addition to the Tamarack Lodge.

The impressive Rocky Mountains and Three Sisters are what make Canmore unique. The Tamarack Lodge embraces Canmore’s natural beauty and was built with the Rocky Mountains in mind. With breathtaking views of the mountains, Tamarack condos let you enjoy the mountains from your suite.

Spring Creek community development aims to both preserve and complement the natural world. Spring Creek is a Built Green certified development that is always looking to our future. Continuing to keep the natural world in mind, Tamarack Lodge fuses nature into its design.

A Part of An Evolving Community

As part of an evolving community, Spring Creek Vacations is always looking to the future. While Tamarack Lodge is our newest addition, it also isn’t our last.

Timberstone Mountain Lodge will be our next addition to Spring Creek Vacations. Timberston’s development is estimated to finish in 2024. This luxury complex will also compliment Canmore’s landscapes with its own unique design. Built Green certified and with panoramic views, Timberstone will be a welcome addition.

Want to learn more about this or other future developments? Or are you interested in purchasing a  property here as your vacation home? You can find out more here and sign up to receive the latest updates on Timberstone Mountain Lodge.

Spring Creek Vacations’ Tamarack Lodge: Coming Late Spring 2022

Tamarack Lodge is slated to open in late spring of this year. Just in time for booking your luxury vacation rental for the summer! In the meantime, we’ll be adding the finishing touches to this magnificent building.

Reservations for these luxury vacation rentals will open soon, so stay tuned. Contact us today to find out more. Can’t wait for the Tamarack to make its grand entrance? Browse our other luxury rentals for your Canmore vacation and book today. We can’t wait for you to enjoy your stay in the Tamarack Lodge!

A rendered view of the luxury Tamarack Lodge in Canmore, Alberta, with a large and open courtyard that features a large pond, and with mountains in the background.

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