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            Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave the busy city and venture off to live in a mountain-town like Canmore? Recently, there has been a desire of many urban dwellers to escape large cities where traffic and lines are the norm and move towards laid-back mountain living. Since moving is a big decision that shouldn’t be rushed, the perfect solution to test out if a smaller town is right for you is by staying in a weekly rental. During your stay, you’ll be able to get a sense of the town’s weather, lifestyle, neighborhoods, food and community. 

Getting Familiar with the Community

            During your stay, you’ll have time to adventure all that Canmore has to offer. The humble town has a remarkable community that’s filled with arts and culture, clubs and organizations, events and festivals, and recreational facilities. Many say that the best part about Canmore are the residents, who are friendly and caring. 

The couple is walking with their bikes on a concrete path. There are two buildings on each side of the image. At the back of the image, there are two mountains.

            Adventure through the community’s scenic nature during the day on a hike, walk or bike ride. Since there are so many outdoor, year-round activities, you’ll always have something to do. Whether it’s going on a guided tour or golfing with the family, you’re bound to create unforgettable memories. While visiting, you’ll also want to experience the town’s superb nightlife and dining. Delicious food, live music and drinks from local breweries are only some of the many features of a night out in Canmore. 

Working from Home

            There isn’t a better situation that can provide you an accurate experience of what living in a mountain-town is like than working from home. While visiting your weekly rental, you’ll get a feel for what it’s like working from home in Canmore. There are so many benefits like having the ability to take a break from the computer and going for a walk in nature. Instead of hearing a noisy city, at Spring Creek Vacations you’ll be able to listen to the sounds of nature from your rental’s balcony. Your family will also have tons of activities to keep busy while you work from home. Whether it’s walking within Spring Creek Vacation’s trails or playing games in your spacious rental, your family will have plenty to do. 

The workstation is in the corner of a room. There is a wooden table on the corner. The table has a printer, a monitor with its mouse and keyboard and a lamp. In front of the table, there is a chair made of fabric.

Taking Time to Think

            Moving cities is not something that can be done overnight and requires a lot of thought, preparation and hard decisions. Take as much time as you need while staying in a rental to find out if mountain-living really is right for you and your family. Although it can be exciting to think about moving to a small scenic town, mountain-town living is a big adjustment when moving from a larger city. That’s why it’s best to use a weekly rental as a trial to see if a permanent move is right for your family.

Staying in a Place that Resembles Home 

            The best way to accurately test out mountain-town living is to stay at a place that is similar to how you would live after moving. Located in the heart of Canmore, Spring Creek Vacations provides guests with a memorable experience and amenities that’ll make you feel right at home. Unlike a hotel, all rental properties feature the amenities of a luxury home. Each rental is equipped with a spacious kitchen, comfortable living room area and stylish interior décor. Explore all that the Spring Creek community has to offer by using their extensive trail system or settle in the warm ambiance of the resident lounge.

A building made of wood and rocks. The building beside a four-way street. On the road, there are streetlights and trees. It is a sunny day with a few clouds around.

            Whether you choose to stay where you are or make the move to Canmore, choosing to stay at a weekly rental is a cost-efficient way to try out mountain-town living. 

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