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The Perfect Wellness Retreat: How a Trip to the Rocky Mountains Can Improve Your Well-Being

Turquoise lake with trees surrounding it, a bridge off to the right and mountains in the background
You can’t beat the views in Canmore. Photo by Silvy Trivedi on Unsplash.

The state of a person’s wellness, including both their mental and physical health, affects how they act, feel and think—impacting decision making and communication. Taking care of your health is always important, especially during a period of time where many people are experiencing effects on their mental health and wellness due to the pandemic.  

Wellness retreats provide an escape, allowing for a stress-free atmosphere to feel rejuvenated. Taking a wellness retreat within a mountain setting is proven to assist in living a happier, healthier and longer life. Located within the Rocky Mountains, Canmore delivers a tranquil environment to set the tone for a perfect mountain retreat. Not only does the mountain town have breathtaking views, Canmore is also filled with charming shops, relaxing yoga studios, and nourishing food—making it the ideal destination for a wellness retreat.

Health Benefits of a Rocky Mountain Wellness Retreat

Women facing a blue lake looking at the Rocky Mountains.
Enjoy a beautiful scenic wellness retreat in Canmore, AB. Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.

There are many reasons why taking a wellness retreat within the mountains has greater health benefits than other locations. The increase in altitude from high mountain elevation has been shown to decrease weight and help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases when living in the mountains or with long-term exposure, but there are also benefits of a shorter stay, too.

A key benefit that the Rocky Mountains provide, which is unlike other retreat destinations, is the air quality. When staying in the mountains, breathing oxygen that is free of gasses or pollution helps respiratory problems and is known to make breathing easier for those with asthma. Not only is the air cleaner, but studies show that the smell of pine, a common scent amongst the mountains, can decrease stress and hostility.  

Light pollution and noise are factors that can interrupt getting a good night’s sleep, which can adversely impact your circadian rhythm. Interruptions from sleep can have negative impacts on brain and motor functions. When staying within the mountains, people have fewer interruptions from light and noise, resulting in a night of better sleep and improved mood. Staying in a Canmore vacation rental within Spring Creek Vacations for a wellness retreat provides tranquillity, comfort and peacefulness.

Retreat Activities

Woman sitting on a wooden platform outdoors doing yoga.
Meditation in the fresh mountain air is a great way to clear the mind and focus. Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash.

Wellness retreats provide a great opportunity to spend time doing peaceful activities that renew your energy. The mountains illustrate the most serene background to exercise meditation, catch up on reading, or practise other mindfulness activities.

Yoga is a practice that is known to reduce levels of stress, contributing to better heart health and deeper sleeps. During your Rocky Mountain wellness retreat, unwind with the practice of yoga at some of the top studios like Canmore Hot Yoga and Wildheart Shop & Studio.  Another calming activity that is proven to have similar health benefits as yoga are spa treatments. Studies show that massages can improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and contribute to a healthier immune system. Nourish your body and spirit at the Evergreen Spa located within the Origin at Spring Creek Community. Their exclusive wellness services and aesthetics offer guests an exceptional chance to be pampered while unwinding during treatment.

Health Cleanse

smoothie bowl topped with coconut, peach, granola and chia seeds with a red spoon beside on a wooden board
Enjoy a delicious smoothie bowl on your wellness retreat. Photo by Julia Topp on Unsplash.

Wellness retreats are the perfect time to cleanse your body by consuming healthy, natural foods made with local ingredients. Just steps away from various Canmore vacation rentals, located within the Spring Creek community, are local restaurants that strive to serve the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious smoothie bowl or a gourmet meal, Canmore is the place to be for those on the search for natural ingredients and nourishing meals.

Get in touch with the Outdoors in the Rocky Mountains

man standing on a cliff looking at the rocky mountains and lake below
Take a breathtaking hike in the Rocky Mountains during your wellness retreat. Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash.

The experience of tranquility can be found within Canmore’s charming nature and felt by the crisp, fresh air of the Rocky Mountains. There’s no better place to embark on outdoor activities during a wellness retreat than in the Rockies. Hiking has been shown to improve both physical and mental health—by lowering heart disease risk, improving blood pressure, and boosting your mood. In fact, getting outdoors with activities like walking can improve memory and relieve stress.

Stay within the Mountains during your Retreat

brown leather couch in a room with large windows behind, with trees in the windows
Our comfortable furniture and large windows give this the perfect ambience for a Wellness Retreat.

On your wellness retreat, stay at a Canmore vacation rental that provides a warm and calming atmosphere. The luxurious accommodations at Spring Creek Vacations are fully equipped and provide guests with spacious living areas, comfortable furniture with and large windows with mountain views. The suites at Spring Creek Vacations have everything you need to feel refreshed during your stay. Within the community, guests have access to amenities like exercise rooms, spas, trails, restaurants and more. Enjoy the picturesque views from your balcony or relax in Spring Creek’s outdoor hot tub during your wellness retreat within the Rockies.  For additional information about planning a Rocky Mountain wellness retreat with Spring Creek Vacations, contact us or visit our website. Check out our Travel Blog for other articles relating to travelling within the Rockies.

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