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Cooking for the family while you’re on vacation is usually the last thing that anyone wants to think about. But when it comes to family vacations, going out to eat for every meal isn’t always an option, and sometimes cooking a true family feast while on vacation can make for some of the best family memories. Plus, if you’re visiting Canmore during the holidays, preparing your family meal yourselves can be rewarding and fill the whole family with cozy vibes for the season and provide great family quality time. That’s why staying in a vacation rental in Canmore makes for a great option for families, as it allows you the comfortable space you need to cook for the family when trying Canmore’s restaurants just isn’t on the table for every meal. 

If you’re planning a family vacation to Canmore and want to be able to cook your meals in your Canmore vacation rental, we’ve you covered. Keep reading for Spring Creek Vacations guide to cooking a family meal in your Canmore vacation rental this autumn & winter.

Spring Creek Vacations’ Quick Tips For Cooking In Your Vacation Rental On Your Family Vacation 

To help you have the best experience while cooking on your family vacation, here are some quick tips:

Two young children are helping to make dinner in the vacation rental while on a family vacation in Canmore.

1. Enlist Help From The Little (& Older) Ones

Family vacations are about spending time with family, so why not get the kids (and adults) to help with your meal prep? It’ll make the job easier on you, and make for great quality time with your family.

2. Keep It Simple

While Spring Creek Vacations’ vacation rentals are all equipped with gourmet kitchens that have everything you need to cook a fantastic meal, sometimes you just need simple recipes. With plenty of delicious, simple recipes online, keeping it simple doesn’t mean keeping it boring, either. It’s your vacation, after all! So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of cooking on your vacation, choose simpler recipes or meal ideas like charcuterie boards, soups or sandwiches. 

An open recipe book with a lettuce leaf on its pages, on top of a white counter, perfect for helping you cook a family meal while on a family vacation in Canmore.

3. Plan Ahead & Print Off Your Recipes

There’s nothing worse than coming down to the wire before a meal and you have no idea what to cook. Pick out a few recipe options before you leave on your trip and print off the recipes or bring your cookbook with you so you have lots of options when you need to start cooking. 

4. Check For A Fully-Equipped Kitchen Before Booking

If you haven’t booked your family vacation yet, but you want to be able to cook for your family while on vacation, always check with the vacation rental listing for a kitchen. Many will say they have a kitchen, but they don’t have an oven, or they only have a mini-fridge. At Spring Creek Vacations, all our vacation rentals come with fully-equipped, gourmet kitchens so you can feel like a true chef. Plus, most of our vacation rentals also have barbecues (family burger and hot dog night, anyone?)

A woman with a basket full of food products shops for ingredients in a local grocery store to prepare a family meal while on a family vacation in Canmore.

5. Scope Out Your Grocery Store Options 

The nearby grocery stores can change what you can and can’t cook in your vacation rental. So, doing a bit of research into the local grocery stores, farmers’ markets or big box supermarkets that are nearby can help you get an idea of what ingredients might be available, and help you choose where to shop and what to cook.

6. Buy Only What You Need 

While it may seem cheaper to buy that bulk bag of veggies or the 4-litre bottle of milk, you’ll want to consider the length of your stay and how likely you’ll be able to use that food. As we prioritize making our practices and properties as sustainable as we can, we also want to encourage greener, more sustainable practices in our guests, too. To help reduce waste, try to buy only the amount of ingredients you think you’ll need for your family vacation in Canmore.

Grocery Stores in Canmore & Where To Shop For Ingredients While On A Family Vacation

Coming to a new town or city for a vacation can always feel daunting when it comes to vacation meal planning. It can be hard to know where to shop for ingredients for the best bang for your buck, or to get the true local experience when you are a visitor.

But if you’re planning a family vacation to Canmore, we’re happy to tell you that we have great grocery stores in Canmore to help you cook your meals while on vacation. Here is our list of grocery stores in Canmore for when you want to cook while on a family vacation:

A grocery store shelves full of fresh produce and veggies.
Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash
  • Safeway Canmore Grocery Store: The Safeway Canmore grocery store is always a safe bet when it comes to grocery shopping in Canmore. 
  • Save-On-Foods Canmore Grocery Store: If you’re looking for a familiar grocery store in Canmore, then you’ll be happy to hear that we have a Save-On-Foods in Canmore!
  • The Rusticana Market + Deli Canmore Grocery Store: Opened in 1978, The Rusticana Market + Deli in Canmore is an excellent local option that focuses on supporting local businesses in Canmore.
  • Quikieh Asian Grocery Canmore Grocery Store: While a smaller store, Quikieh Asian Grocery in Canmore has a great range of specialty Asian foods and goods. 
  • Evoolution Canmore Store: If you’re on the hunt for some specialty salts, vinegar or oils to finish off your family feast while on vacation, Evoolution in Canmore is an excellent option.
  • Fergie’s Bakery & Convenience Canmore Grocery Store: Need gluten-free bread, or want some easier options to throw in the oven while on your family vacation? Fergie’s Bakery & Convenience in Canmore offers delicious baked goods and premade meals, along with some other grocery options, perfect for days when you don’t want to have to think about what you’ll make on your vacation.
  • Red Gables Deli Canmore Grocery Store: Located right in the community of Spring Creek, Red Gables Deli in Canmore offers a convenient location if you’re staying in the neighbourhood. Plus, it offers a scrumptious range of cheeses, dairy products, meats, and other products for when you’re looking for a specialty item to round off your family meal while on vacation.
  • The Alder Cafe + Grocery Canmore Grocery Store: The newest grocery store to come to Spring Creek and Canmore, the Alder Cafe + Grocery promises to be an excellent addition. Opening soon in Spring Creek.

What To Cook In Your Vacation Rental While On A Family Vacation in Canmore

Now that you know where to shop for ingredients while on a family vacation in Canmore, it’s time to figure out what to cook in your vacation rental. And if you need some ideas, we’ve got a few cozy and delicious recipe ideas that we’ve collected to share with you.

A roast chicken in a cast iron pan on a wooden table, with sauce to the side, cooked on a family vacation in Canmore.

1. Cook A Roast Chicken For The Family In Your Vacation Rental

If you’re staying in Canmore over the holidays, instead of roasting a turkey, you should try a roast chicken instead. It will be simpler to find the ingredients for it (ordering a turkey while on vacation can be tricky) and just as delicious. Here are two recipes that we think make delicious roast chicken:

2. Make A Comforting Lasagna In Your Vacation Rental

Comfort foods are always a good idea when on vacation with the family, and lasagna is a tasty staple. Plus, lasagna makes for great leftovers if you need to stretch the food into the next day. Here are two mouth-watering lasagna recipes to try while on a family vacation in Canmore:

Two pizzas on a table, with two glasses of water and cutlery around it, perfect for pizza night with the family while on a family vacation in Canmore.

3. Plan A Family Pizza Night In Your Vacation Rental

Instead of ordering pizza, why not throw a pizza party where everyone can make their own pizzas? This means even the pickiest eaters can have food they’ll eat and makes for a fun activity while on a family vacation. If you don’t want to make your own pizza dough or sauce, most grocery stores or bakeries will carry premade dough to save you the time of making your own pizza. Here are two pizza recipes for your family pizza night while on vacation in Canmore:

4. Make A Salad Bar In Your Vacation Rental For The Family

Sometimes, you need a simple and healthy option. Salads can be an easy meal to make, and perfect for nights when you need a lighter meal while on a family vacation. Setting up a salad bar in your vacation rental means your family can choose what they want on their salads, too. Here are some salad recipe ideas to give you an idea of what ingredients to pick up:

A family burger and hot dog night with burgers and hot dogs being cooked on a barbecue, perfect for a meal while on a family vacation in Canmore.

5. Do A Classic Burgers & Hot Dogs Family Dinner In your Vacation Rental

Nothing says “family vacation” quite like burgers and hot dogs. And since most of our vacation rentals have their own private barbecues, you’ll be able to prepare this classic family meal in your vacation rental easily. Here are some ideas for your family burger night:

Cooking A Family Meal While On A Family Vacation With Spring Creek Vacations

Having the option to cook a delicious meal for (or with) your family while on vacation is always a bonus that can make your vacation more memorable. With fully-equipped, gourmet kitchens in all our Canmore vacation rentals, cooking is one less headache to think about while on vacation with the family. 

Ready to plan your next family vacation to Canmore? Browse our Canmore vacation rentals and book your vacation today.

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