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Calling All Newlyweds: Here are 5 Romantic Things to Do During Your Winter Honeymoon in Canmore

Beautiful landscapes dusted with white powder; delicious restaurants and cafes; romantic spas and massages; relaxing days spent with just the two of you in a luxury suite. No, we aren’t talking about Hawaii. We’re talking about Canmore, Alberta.

While many spend their honeymoon in a beachy destination like Hawaii, it’s not the only option to celebrate your new marriage. A winter getaway to a mountain village is a unique experience full of adventure, and romance. Curious about how you could spend your winter honeymoon in Canmore? Read on for 5 romantic things to do during your mountain retreat with your new spouse.

The back of a bride standing on a balcony overlooking the mountain range in Canmore in the Spring Creek neighbourhood.
A winter honeymoon full of adventure and romance awaits in Canmore, Alberta.

#1. Chocolates & Spirits:

Chocolate has been known as a gesture of love for centuries. It’s often a gift of love for Valentine’s day and anniversaries, and with good reason. It’s a tasty treat that perfectly symbolizes romance and love. And if you’ve never tried Canmore’s Le Chocolatier before, then your winter honeymoon is the perfect opportunity.

Le Chocolatier specializes in handmade, high-quality chocolates and truffles inspired by the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Indulge in rich chocolate and specialty flavours with your new spouse. You could even make a game out of guessing the different flavours in your assorted box. We recommend getting the Champagne Bottle Assortment box for a celebratory feel, or the Chocolate Heart box for extra romance. Because we love them so much, we even put a delicious chocolate bar from Le Chocolatier in every suite.

And to make the most out of your chocolate evening, pick up a bottle of spirits from the local Wildlife Distillery and create cocktail pairings with your chocolate. We recommend trying their Maple Walnut Old Fashioned Recipe to bring out the depth of your chocolate. Creating personalized cocktails with your chocolate will be a fun and tasty memory for you and your spouse.

What’s more romantic than a private evening spent indulging in chocolate and personalized cocktails? Plus, you’ll be able to try two local favourites on your winter honeymoon.

Gourmet chocolate pieces and truffles laid out evenly on a white background, a perfect treat while on a winter honeymoon in Canmore, Alberta
Gourmet, artisan chocolate is practically a must while on a winter honeymoon in Canmore. Photo by Jessica Loaiza on Unsplash

#2. Stargazing on A Nature by Nightfall Tour:

Canmore’s night sky is a stunning display of stars. Whether you’re an astronomer or not, seeing the night sky in its full glory is something anyone can appreciate. And if you book the Nature by Nightfall Tour with Canmore Trails and Tales, you’ll be able to see it all.

This specialty tour is a fun adventure that takes only about one to two hours and is a relatively easy walking tour. You’ll be able to see the natural wildlife of the mountains at night and stare out at the stars and breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. This quiet night looking at the natural beauty is a fresh and romantic activity to fill up your winter honeymoon. It’s an excellent tour for the more adventurous couple looking to make memories for years to come.

A starry night sky over the rocky mountains and reflective, dark lake, taken in Canmore, Alberta
Stargazing is a truly romantic activity to do while on your winter honeymoon in Canmore, Alberta. Photo by Lukas Schroeder on Unsplash

#3. A Gourmet Meal & Night Out:

Spoil yourselves with a meal from one of the many fine-dining restaurants in Canmore. A gourmet dinner is a delicious way to celebrate your union, especially if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy your reception’s food. And what better excuse to splurge on a meal than your honeymoon?

Here are some of our top recommendations for a romantic fine dining experience:

  • Rustica Steakhouse: This restaurant has everything you’d want in a classic steak dinner, plus more adventurous dishes like Roast Quail Charente Style, Foie Gras or Frog Legs Probencale. They even have famous Wagyu beef for a steak experience like no other, and they have tasty vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Sauvage Restaurant: Sauvage offers a menu that changes from day to day, so you never know what delicious experience to expect until you get there. They specialize in a seasonal menu with the freshest ingredients possible, and everything is made in-house. You can also get excellent wine, beer and cocktail pairings with your food, in a more relaxed (but with upscale food) atmosphere.
  • The Sensory Restaurant: The Sensory not only has delicious food but stunning views of the mountains as well. This restaurant’s menu features foraged, local ingredients and dishes inspired by the Rocky Mountains that are meant to take you on a sensory experience. Their seasonal menu ranges from Arctic Char to Elk Osso Bucco and includes fine dining classics like Beef Tenderloin and Mushroom Tartar.
  • Crazy Weed: For a fine dining food experience with a more casual atmosphere, we recommend trying the Crazy Weed restaurant. With delicious meals prepared by award-winning chefs, you’ll be able to try dishes like Beef Carpaccio, Masala Ribs or Morrocan Lamb Sirloin. They also offer a great takeout menu, perfect for a more relaxed meal in your luxury suite if you and your spouse would rather stay in for the night during your winter honeymoon.
  • The Stirling Grill: The Stirling Grill features a classic menu with a modern twist. The restaurant’s dining area allows you to watch the chefs in action as they prepare your gourmet meal, along with beautiful views of the Canmore mountains. A truly fine-dining experience that’s perfect to celebrate your new marriage, you and your partner can try delicious dishes from Pheasant in a brandy reduction, to scrumptious desserts like Mille Feuille. We highly recommend getting the Kings Table menu for a luxurious 3-course, trust-the-chef meal.
A woman's hands adjust her white plate which holds a gourmet meal, with a glass of white wine nearby.
Treat yourselves to a gourmet meal while on your winter honeymoon in Canmore, Alberta. Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

#4. Watch The Sunrise Over The Three Sisters:

It’s the start of a new chapter in your married life, and a beautiful way to symbolize this new beginning is with a sunrise. The Three Sisters mountain peak is one of Canmore’s most striking natural features and creates a dramatic frame for sunrises.

To get to the best spot, hike up to the Three Sisters Viewpoint. The viewpoint trail is near Cougar Creek, just off of The Bow Valley Trail (also known as Highway 1A). This is a relatively easy hike and perfect for any skill level, and gives you one of the best views of the Three Sisters to watch the sunrise with. Bring a thermos of hot coffee and a light breakfast to munch on while you watch to start your morning right. We recommend either The Pulse Coffee Bar & General Store or Eclipse Coffee Roasters for local coffee.

Winter sunrises can be some of the most impressive sunrises, especially over Canmore’s mountains, and you should take full advantage of the opportunity to watch one while on your honeymoon.

A sunrise over the snowcapped Three Sisters mountains in Canmore, Alberta.
Winter sunrise over the Three Sisters. Photo from Canva.

#5. Book A Luxury Suite:

A honeymoon wouldn’t be complete without a luxury suite to stay in. It’s your honeymoon, after all, and you’ll want to celebrate in (comfortable) style with the place you’ll be spending plenty of time in.

Our Rundle Cliffs Lodge and White Spruce Lodge one-bedroom suites are an excellent way to celebrate your union in luxury. Our rentals also have fully-equipped, gourmet kitchens in case you want to cook for just the two of you in your suite, and have spa-like bathrooms and cozy bedrooms for you both to indulge and relax in. Some of our rooms even have king-sized beds and soaker tubs, perfect for newlywed couples.

You can browse our luxury rentals here, or contact us for more information about our suites.

Canmore: The Unforgettable Winter Honeymoon Destination

Whether you’re an adventurous couple looking to ski or snowboard, or you want to relax with a more unique experience, Canmore makes an excellent choice for a winter honeymoon. If you’d like to make Canmore your honeymoon destination, you can browse our luxury rentals here.

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