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In recent years, more and more people have had the option to work remotely, which means many have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Advancements in technology and changes in work culture have inspired many companies to choose this option, promoting the benefits of work-life balance. Travelling during the work week has become much more attainable for remote workers, meaning frequent vacations are more within reach than ever before. If you’re a remote worker, choosing a vacation rental for your vacation can offer several benefits, including:


Spring Creek Vacation suites offer more space than a traditional hotel room. Many of the suites have desks or dedicated workspaces, meaning remote workers have more room to spread out and get comfortable during their working hours.


Our rentals offer more privacy than a hotel room, which can be helpful if you need to make phone-calls or attend virtual meetings.


Our suites are equipped with several amenities such as Wi-Fi, fully equipped modern kitchens, coffee and tea stations and comfortable living areas, which can make the workday much more comfortable.

Local experience

Our vacation rentals are in the heart of Spring Creek and offer a more authentic and local experience. After the workday is finished, you are in walking distance to several restaurants, cafes and food shops as well as accessible walking trails. Alternatively, you may choose to utilize the kitchen and prepare a home cooked meal with your family or travel companion.

Work-life Balance

One of the main benefits of working remotely is the work-life balance that this option offers. Our vacation rentals come with all the comforts of home and are supportive of the environment needed for remote workers. Once you log off for the day, you are surrounded with beautiful outdoor spaces, access to a hot-tub and the ability to disconnect from work and recharge with the inspiring mountain views.

With the flexibility of a work from home schedule, your vacation does not need to end on Sunday night. Consider extending your stay into the work week and take advantage of the benefits of working remotely.

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