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Pet-Friendly Options

At Spring Creek Vacations – Rundle Cliffs Lodge we know that the heart of your family includes your pets, so we have assigned specific suites as “pet friendly”. Bring your fur-baby with you and kick back and enjoy your private mountain oasis.

In order to best accommodate you and your pet, please indicate when you book your reservation, that you require a “pet friendly” suite so that we may check our availability. If we are sold out of pet friendly units, we will not be able to accommodate you. 

Number of Pets Allowed Per Unit: 2 

Pet Size Allowed: Small – Less than 40lbs per pet

Pet Types Allowed: Dogs 

Leash Required: Yes

Pet Fee: $50.00 per pet/per stay

Welcome Gift: Each dog will receive a gift bag with poop bags, maps to the dog parks, and doggy biscuits from the Mut Hut.

Additional Pet Policies:
Pets must be kenneled if left unattended in a room. Noise from pets must not interrupt the quiet enjoyment of other guests/residents in the building. Once informed by an agent or security of the hotel of a disturbance caused by a pet, the owner must take necessary measures to ensure that the disturbance is not repeated. In the event that the owner cannot ensure their pets behaviour they must permanently remove the pet from the premises. 

The owner of the pet accepts full responsibility for any damage or harm caused by their pet while on resort premises. All pet waste must be picked up immediately by the pet owner and disposed of in a waste container (failure to pick up after a pet may result in the eviction of the pet and additional housekeeping fees being charged to the pet owner). 

Pets showing aggressive behaviour towards other pets/guests/residents is not tolerated and will have to vacate the premises. Non pet friendly suites found to have unregistered pets will be asked to vacate immediately and will be subject to an additional cleaning fee. 

To ensure a clear understanding of the rules concerning pets you will be required to sign a Pet Policy Agreement upon arrival. If you would like to review the policy before you make a reservation, have concerns with its contents or with signing it please contact us at 1-877-678-5511 or by email at .